How to beat Leona with Alistar Click here for How to beat Alistar with Leona
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As a alistar when a leona grabs on to you or an ally you can knock leona away from her target, in lane versing a leona make sure you have your counter engage ready also you can get her out of position by q w her back. Report
Listen and repeat! As adc try to don't push lane, ali is 100% more effective in def. U can easy Flash q w or Flash w q ( harder ). In first case don't forget about dodge her e because it is nice way to easy escape from turret. If Leo flash away dont cha Report
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Try to have you and your ADC always positioned fairly close to you turret, but make sure you keep it from targeting minions. This way, when Leona E's, you simply Q, walk around, and W her under tower for you ADC to clean up. Report


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