How to beat Katarina with Cassiopeia Click here for How to beat Cassiopeia with Katarina
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to beat katarina in the mid lane, as cass you should start with Q and poke her when she comes into range to farm so you have early game dominance Report
Always run barrier. with the 4.17 rework you will out harass her pre 6, abuse it and push her under tower to deny her CS. Once 6 she will try to all in you, when she ults, pop barrier, Q, E spam and she should be dead. shouldnt even need to use your ult. Report
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Pre6 just poke her with Q and watch the chunks fly with your E. Save your W for kiting ganks or kiting her if she tries to jump on you to trade. Mana may be an issue so a Sapphire crystal may not be a bad start and gets you RoA or Tear quicker. Report


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