How to beat Kalista
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If you're deciding to turn on kalista while she is chasing you with her passive, (as it is hard to escape from her) you should turn when she uses her next autoattack because she will use her passive to come nearer to you and make herself more vulnerable. Report
Although Kalista can kite, she is VERY squishy, and if caught by an assassin will die in just a few hits. Hit her with cc. If you are Kalista, try to stay as far away from cc as possible, because you are pretty much done for if you get slowed or rooted. Report
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Hold out a carrot, she might get attracted! Report
Use bushes, run between them as you fight her, her basics will then miss when she loses vision Report
Taking Kayle as your support will piss her off. Kalista is week to point click abilities, because she cannot dodge kayle's Q. The Splash Damage from E can still hit her, if she is in the minion wave, and her ult can stop the damage from Kalista's E Report
Watch out for Kalista if she has gone top. She will be Oathsworn to her jungler and you could be victim to a gank once she hits level 6. Report
When Kalista's Oathsworn is dead, she can't use her ultimate. Keep track of whether the Oathsworn is alive or not to determine how safe it is to attack her. Report
Kalista is extremely weak to gapclosers such as Akali's Shadow Dance (R), Diana's Lunar Rush (R), and Xin Zhao's Audacious Charge, especially because she doesn't have any sort of self peel such as Jinx's Flame Chompers or Vayne's Condemn other than Report
Try to fight her while she's alone, as she will not be able to proc the bonus damage on w or use her ult. Report
Don't get spears in you. You will die. Report


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