How to beat Jax with Riven Click here for How to beat Riven with Jax
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Stun jax when he jumps on you, u will probably lose late game, just make sure u dont go full ad, buy some armor and stuff Report
When he jumps on you w to stun him then e away. Try to play super agressive pre level 5, since he can beat you out late game. Also freeze the lane near your tower so your jungler can gank. Report
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If he plays passive, you can coax out his E with 2 of your q's, use the third q to escape. His E is on a long CD so as soon as your q comes back up jump on him again for a full combo. Report
Dont ever engage on him with his stun up you need to wait for him to engage on you Then run to the nearest bush so he cant q meaning that the entire lane u should stay near the bushes when his stun is down he cant do anything to you so go ham. Report
Save your stun (w) until jax jumps on you. normally a jax would go all in. so in this way he has no abilities left and you won the trade. Report


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