How to beat Garen with Riven Click here for How to beat Riven with Garen
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Harass at level 2 and make sure u e his q so u can block most of his q dmg and his e dmg level three u need to abuse your stun after his silence. If your losing u may want a brut first then get merc treads to reduce his silence U should win Until six Report
Wait until Garen burns his Q on a minion, then engage. Rush a Cleaver. Report
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Play aggresive early, shield his q and dont be afraid, a good riven can out trade garen. the problem is his OP healing from his passive - thats y u have to hit him all the time, force trades, even just 1 q will do the job. Report
You can win trades if he begins with his Q, once he does E to shield damage and engage with combo, you will take damage from his E but you will win the trade easy at 3, be careful after 6. Report


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