How to beat Garen with Elise Click here for How to beat Elise with Garen
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At level 3 abuse your disengage potential and harass hard. If he uses his q to close the gap hit him with a stun + human form combo and back off. Push the lane early so he loses CS to turret and save your Rappel to escape ganks. Liandry+Rylais help a lot. Report
Don't be afraid to use the most spells on him cause you dealing a lot of dmg!!! Report
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Her E can be at a 20 second cooldown at best. Rappel and Cocoon are the only things that stop you from hurting her. If she's stupid enough to use either of them, that's the only time you can go on her. Your Q is 8 seconds while her E is 20 seconds. Report


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