How to beat Galio
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When playing Zed Before you R make sure he uses his taunt. You dont want to come out of ult and immediately get taunted. Report
Galio can only use his ultimate if there's an ally close by. When attacking your enemies, be careful of a surprise attack by Galio otherwise he will knock up all allies around him. Watch the mark below an enemy and scatter as soon as possible. Report
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If Galio engages your team, press R to activate the death-preventer. Report
Stay burrowed with W until Galio ults. You will get taunted in and as you reach him, you will knock him up canceling his ultimate. GG Report
If you time your E the moment Galio ults, it will interrupt his ultimate (if his health is higher than yours that is). Report
if start with ur w if he go flash-ult Report
If you have started Devastating Charge, you will knock Galio out of his taunt. Report
Scatter your team when Galio is heading to you, since his ultimate is not affected by any kind of Tenacity build since 4.21, you will not be able to get off his ultimate Report
The loss of Talon's silence does not change the strategy: Engage before 6 when Galio throws out a Q and slap him with your EAWQ burst. Report
Nautilus' passive is really strong against Galio, as it will break his ultimate Report


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