How to beat Fizz with Lissandra Click here for How to beat Lissandra with Fizz
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During teamfights your ult is his worst nightmare. You should aim to make his life hell by stunning him any time he tries to jump in since a targeted stun like that will quickly be the end of him as he prides himself on dodging skills. Report
Lissandra is a great user of Abyssal Sceptre and it is even better against Fizz. Rushing it will make you much more difficult for him to kill while giving you a great damage boost since he will almost always be in the range of its aura outside of Q poke. Report
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Depending on how the fight goes, you should by default save your ultimate for yourself as you can easily block the damage and knock up from Fizz' shark by ulting yourself. Report
Some FIzz players tend to use his dash to hit you under tower, then his leap to safely avoid a tower shot. Make this his biggest mistake by using Ring of Frost before he can leap, keeping him under tower. Report


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