How to beat Fizz
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Sejuani mid hard counters fizz mid in every match up. Its an instant win 100% of the time. I know because I lost against sejuani mid and went 3/8 Report
be a magikarp! Report
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Just play Poppy against him... Report
Due Poppys new rework, she can counter Fizzs Q AND E with her W and makes Fizz a useless Magikarp. Report
buy angler jax skin and keep fishing. Ez counter. Even early game you are losing but you are jax so you will win Report
You are both weak at early game, but you have an advantage since you are ranged. Harass him with Q but don't miss your cs. If his ult attaches on you, you can still juke it with your pool like it was nothing Report
The only way Fizz can take you down is with his ult. If he launches his ult and you anticipate it will hit you, launch your W; either your W will slow him and prevent his follow-up OR he will Playful Trickster your W, at which time your e can stun him. Report
Your W denies his dash on you. If Fizz engages on you then use it to your advantage. If he's about to kill you and his E is on cooldown, just ult him away Report
During the laning (pre lvl 6) phase, carefully stack your passive and use it to hit Fizz or the minions near him as he attempts to cs. Using your W shield will also have the same effect. Report
Ezreal counters hard with the poke he has with his Q. Dorans first then tear. EASY win. :-) Report
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