How to beat Fizz with Annie Click here for How to beat Annie with Fizz
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Free Stuns. Annie's stuns are not consumed if the spell doesnt hit. Using Q will ensure you bait out playful trickster and still keep your stacks. Since your cooldowns are more fair, you can easily go back in. Report
The trick to beating fizz is your stun - doesn't matter with what but the ult is best. KEEP AT LEAST ONE PYRO CHARGE AT ALL TIMES!!!. (Why?) It turns into a stun at 4 charges and you have 3 spells. USE E first to raise defenses then spam on to ULT. Report
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When a Fizz dives he'll assume you're going to hurt him a bit. He'll hit trickster after coming in. MAKE SURE YOU DONT WASTE THE DMG. Hit you E to raise defenses then once he lands continue to burst him to hell and finish with a nice ult. Ignite helps Report
Don't walk around with the stun's obvious and all the Fizz is going to do is save his cooldowns for one amazing dive once its gone Report


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