How to beat Fiora
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If she pokes you by lunging to you, try to do the most damage possible while backing away. However, she may regen the damage you did if it is a small amount. Report
If your Champion is AP Meta, you have to buy Zhonya to take no damage to R Report
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when u see in ranked/draft fiora a good counter is teemo/jax or another champion with blinde or dodge or untargetebel or block(not so good as other) Report
Fiora's ultimate is on hit, meaning she will miss every hit if she is blinded. Report
Do not tower hug when your health is low and her ult is up - she can and will dive you. Report
thornail does not work against fiora i tried it myself and she restored more health than the damage she took. Report
If you're in draft/ranked, see Fiora come up on the enemy team and don't have all of Malphite, Rammus and Jax, you may want to consider dodging. Report
As someone like Nasus, you can bait out her parry by pretending to attack with your q, then you can follow up with the actual q to do lots of dmgs. Report
Don't let her slap you with her baguette at early levels. Report
Do not let her get to far ahead early, it's fine if she gets 5 kills before 30mins because after that she is very easily bursted down. Report


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