How to beat Fiora
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Try to use your CC (especially hard CC) after she used her w, otherwise she can counter it and in the worst case you get stunned Report
Simply use summoner spell 'Ignite' when Fiora pops out her ult so she gets Grievious wounds and can't heal that much giving you and your teammates an opportunity to slain her Report
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Be very careful when attempting to land immobilizes on her especially when Riposte is available as she can block anything even hard CC's and turn the fight in Fiora's favor. Report
If a vital point appears that would be beneficial to Fiora, say in her face and easy to get to, then just walk out of range of her to reset it Report
if u get attacked by a fed fiora dont untill she uses both of her qs Report
Oh one more thing, if you are a tank that stacks armor like Malphite, it is not a good idea to rush a Thornmail or a Frozen Heart against Fiora especially if she manages to buy a Black Cleaver. It is better to buy Randuin's Omen against her. Report
Avoid clumping together at low health especially when Fiora already has full items particularly, Tiamat/Ravenous Hydra with ArPen items, IE & BT and can successfully sneak attack on your ADC and mage, and kill your entire team with her Blade Waltz. Report
COOLDOWNS TIME EVERY SPELL CD OF HER her q is 16 sec her w is 10 sec r 130 sec her e is 15 sec Bait her w by aa then when she activate it wait 2 sec and then atack Dont throw your skillshots if she she have her ult up wait her ult to end then throw em Report
Try to play around her cooldowns,if she have 100 + ad on lvl 1 it means she started with w,if she doesnt have 100 + ad she started with q which has 15 cd at lvl 1 Report
Gank the crap out of her. She has no escape pre-6! Report


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