How to beat Corki
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After lvl 6, it's an R poking war. However, Kog doesn't need minions to effectively poke Corki with his ult, while Kog can stand behind minions to make Corki's ult poke useless. Report
Harass him with your Q spell or try to keep him far away and if he comes you should to E for auto-hit and poke with Q after the 3 stacks of W. Report
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Poke with your superior range, push to the tower, put him some traps and once he eat one you can shoot him twice by free. Always Q him everytime you can without wasting too much mana and make plays with your support early game to get advetange on him. Report
Corki uses a vehicle, and Ekko is skilled in stealing bikes. Who says that he can't steal Corki's copter then? Report
Kinda tough match up. A good engage support is probably best. When you go to all in corki, activate q, and w. Once He valkeries away ult if you haven't already. Try to out farm early and get a pre-6 kill. Report
Ashe's high-range poke and engage should wear Corki down, then kill him before he can Valkyrie. Report
Poke versus burst matchup. Quinn will have the advantage if she gets in autoattack range. Report
Dodge his Q at all costs and use ur ulti in teamfights to avoid his armor shredder. when he flies to you use ur blade of the ruined king and aa and then E Report
Lucian will be capable of out trading you in prolonged engagements, stay out of his range and abuse with your Q. Remember while Lucian does outscale you and will inevitably be able to 1v1 you, as Corki you should NEVER be in a 1v1 situation unless fed. Report
His Stand Aside can interrupt Valkyrie. Beware of that when laning against him. Report


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