How to beat Cho'Gath
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EAT WORLDS (then you be BIG) Report
If you are an ad champion building blade of the ruined king can help you making more damage when he stacks his ultimate. Report
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Try to use enraged W when going for a trade and activate it before going in. Enraged W stun is 1.5s and Cho silence is 1.5s at lvl 1. So if he silences, you will still W since you just AA, and then when the stun ends you can Q and E out. Report
When going in for normal renekton trade (e-w-q-e) activate w before going in, because a smart cho will silence before using q, to stop you from stunning and dodging his q with slice and dice. But if you already have w activated just aa him and walk away. Report
Cho'Gath's abilities are predictable, and easy to dodge. If Kindred sees Cho'gath's Q rupturing the floor, she should be able to use her Q to dodge it while dealing damage. Cho's scream may be a tad bit more difficult, but Kindred should dodge adjace Report
Cho'Gath's ultimate can be completely negated by Kindred's ultimate. His chomp deals so much damage; however, within Kindred's ult. health will never decrease below critical levels, making executes useless. Report
Your best bet is to have health, MR glyphs, and AP quints. You could invest in boots early to increase your likelihood of dodging his Q and make poking with E easier. If you manage to exhaust his spells you can go for the attack but beware of his ult. Report
As well as max w and rush sorc boots and abyssal. then move to ludens if you cant get help from your jungle i cant stress how important it is to roam. if you can get slightly ahead you can take over your lane and harrass harder than he can sustain. Report
Dont be afriad to use your ult as it will negate his sustain. use his combo to your advantage If he scilences try to run away from his q. if you can then once the scilence ends q e w ult and contunue to lane. punish his mistakes. and roam or ask for gank Report
This can be a less cancerous lane if you do as follows 1. Understand he will out trade you in most situations. 2. max your w and try to punish him for farming. This will punish him for trying to sustain with his e. 3.If you cant get help from your jg ROAM Report
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