How to beat Brand
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Talon has easy time dodging his stun with E. But try not to get poked out early when he does more dmg then you.Late game his Zhonya may be annoying soo you should first bait his Zhonya before unleashing your combo upon him . Report
Land a W to line up your Q. You will not land an E easily. He is going to sit behind his minions a lot. Just W then Q all lane. he will have to leave very quick. Report
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You should win easily. Your best combo against him is W Q. Use W to slow and line up Q. This will get him out of lane, and make him CS under turret. Report
While in lane stand aside from when he W-E combos he either has to land his W on the minion wave or attempt to land it on you. This way he doesn't land poke on you and destroy the minion wave at the same time. Report
be carefull if you stay with minions cause brand can ult you and thats deal tons of damge if it hit you 3 times Report
Try to widdle brand down by placing your turrets so that they can initially fire on him. Once he's weak, ult + w him for the kill. Report
You NEED boots first item. if you cant dodge his w you will lose lane. you should try baiting it out so you can dodge it and have nothing to worry about when you try to go in for farm Report
This matchup should be easy for you, as yi you have the ability to dodge skillshots with your q, now, all brands based damage is focused on he's ground blast, so you just have to dodge it or his stun and u are okay... Report
Just play safe in the begining, when brand uses his ulti it's best to just use zhonyas, and repay with yours combo. Report
Dodge Brand's W poke as much as you can. Post-6 all in on him with Q then Ult, following with your entire combo. Being near Brand and walking in circles around him will make it harder for him to stun you and you'll outdamage him. Report
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