How to beat Azir with Talon Click here for How to beat Talon with Azir
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Talon's E no longer silences, but he still can swiftly leave the range of Azir's solders. Azir can escape with his E, as the slow won't affect it. Report
Talon should passive before 3, until he have his E. If Azir plays VERY aggressive, he may be able to snowball lane and deny your CS. Report
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Talon's ult will deny Azir's ability to target you with his soldiers. Careful if Azir has pink wards. Report
be careful level 1-6 level 6 is when u have the highest burst potential he will be agrresive before that but after that hrs not much he can do to survive] Report
From level 2-5 you can utterly dominate Azir. His soldiers relocation has a long CD so you can abuse this, if he moves his soldier/s just run and him and E+W+autoattack him down and stick on him, he has very little to retaliate and low damage early on. Report


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