How to beat Annie
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pick an water type pokemon Report
Get hexdrinker and Mercs, after that it should be pretty easy, try to dodge her stun with ult if she uses q to stun, try to poke her with w+e+q if you feel safe and dont need w, Short version: Rush Mercs+Hexdrinker; Try to dodge stun with ult, fast trades Report
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After lvl6 she has a ton of damage and can often burst you from a long range without you having a chance to ult yourself. Try therefore to push the lane with E and roam or predict when she will ult and use yours before she does. (prefer the first option) Report
In this lane you should just try to stay stay a little safe and farm and call for a gank pre6 to shut her down so she cant instaburst you past 6. Report
Try to avoid playing assassins or bruiser-like champions, Annie tends to outdamage and overwhelm them with her CC. Report
Annie's raw damage and CC tends to overwhelm most champions, hence try to avoid fighting within her range if possible. Report
Build MR. Press R. Report
In this matchup you have to zone Annie, use your E and Q to harass, and force her out of lane. At level 6 try to bait out her stun then Q, E, and R to finish her off. Also build an Abyssal Scepter for the MR and AP. Report
wait for her to use her stun then dive Report
you have your gold card to stun her back along with your Q poke range and you will never run out of mana if you blue card tibburs so constantly harass her with your poke and stun Report
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