How to beat Anivia
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When you're chasing a low-health Anivia, be wary that she can turn about and stun you, and turn the tide of the combat Report
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Killing her/forcing her to back pre-6 will greatly cripple her greatly as it delays her buying and/or stacking things such as Rod of Ages and Tear. Report
Always have some kind of movement speed item, or start with boots. Always stay in movement to counter her Q so she cannot burst you down. Report
Her passive is really Annoying! If you kill her she transforms to an egg with full Life. That Passive can be cast by Anivia every 4 minutes. If she is an egg and you are Low Life go away as fast as you can. If you have much life try to damage the Egg! Report
Her Q has a really long range! Try to aviod being stunned or being damaged by her Q using your E. If you dont feed her she cant be OP. Report
She has really Big Mana problems! Try to Q her as often as you can and try not to spend your Mana for nothing! Start with Crystaline Flasks (AP dmg is also high without Dorans Ring). Report
Your E can pass through her wall. Report
Constantly poke Anivia with your Q. Her stun is easy to dodge, and even if you think you can't dodge it, just E away and you'll avoid it with ease. Report
Punish her at level 2 with your E try to get her passive ( Egg ) Down before level 3. Try to aim to kill her before 5-6. She has very low base health so take advantage of that. Report
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