How to beat Akali with Syndra Click here for How to beat Syndra with Akali
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Be VERY agressive at early game and watch for enemy jungler's ganks. You might reach lvl6 before her wich means a +1 kill advantage. If you get fed enough at she reaches lvl6 you can kill akali easily. Report
Go aggressive early game. You have to be up in kills and denying CS as much as you can. You will have more burst than her until mid to late game. Vision wards help also. Late game you'll get wrecked though. Nothing you can do about it. Report
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You can use your E ability to push Akali out of her Shroud, and that will allow you to use your Ultimate on her. Report
Upgrading your trinket to a pink totem can give you a permanent pink to throw down when you need it. Report


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