How to beat Akali with Lulu Click here for How to beat Lulu with Akali
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Lulu can do very well against Akali in teamfights. Your E can reveal stealth when used on an enemy champion and your W can disable akali for 2.5 seconds. You can also interrupt her dash with your ulti if timed correctly. Report
just played this matchup as akali. lulu can counter your all in with her ult, and a well placed e will negate your w's stealth properties. best plan is to farm as best as possible and wait for ganks, or dictate the flow by ganking top jungle or bot. Report
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Lulu is specially effective against squishy melee champions, as trying to gain cs through auto attacking will often result in getting punished, so farm as with Mark of the Assassin (Q) and avoid using the shroud with pix on as it will negate stealth. Report


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