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How to counter Jax as Yasuo
Keep wave just outside your tower, and only trade by using E on minions then knocking up Jax and immediately backing off. If lane pushes: stay back, you won't have minions to dash to. Early levels 1-4 try harass him with Auto+Q when he goes in for cs.
It is recommended that you play defensively in the lane. Many Jax players will use their E to dodge and jump on you with their Q the exact moment they can use their E again to stun you so it can be very hard to evade it with your E.
use your E a lot jax only has one jump. once he hits lvl 6 be very cautious. try to get some sustain after a shiv. remember jax uses mana you don't.
Armor Quints and scaling Seals is a must, before Jax hits level 6 make sure he wastes his E and if played correctly you will win the damage trades, after building Statik Shyv make sure to build at least Vampiric Scepter and Ninja Tabi boots.
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The Unforgiven
Counter Tips
How to counter Yasuo as Jax
Yasuo Q counts as autoattack, Jax E dodges it, no way a descent jax can loss this lane 1v1, just engage on the right moment when he is standing away from minions or he will E on minions and you will waste your stun. Zone him away, be care of the jungler.
A decent Yasuo would just use his E carefully to kite jax around wasting his E. Yasuo can easily kill a jax if played properly
Yasuo Q only counts as an AA when it hits the first target, the second target and onwards will not count as AA
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Not too bad for Yasuo, still a decent pick though
xZylote - Posted about Jan 20th, 2016
Although it's true that Jax is a great counter to any champions that depend on their AAs, Yasuo can easily avoid getting stunned by dashing away through minions in lane or even dashing through Jax when very close to him. Also his range is a bit higher using his q so he can harass in lane. The windwall is pretty much useless though since Jax uses no projectiles (Gunblade if he has). Jax also lacks a way to proc your shield before engaging.

Jax on the other hand also has some advantages like for example that when he uses Q-W-E Yasuo can't effectively fight back since he either has to back off or get stunned so Jax usually wins the trade.
Yasuo's tornado shouldn't be a problem either since you can dodge with Q in the worst case.
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