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How to counter Blitzcrank as Sona
Sona is extremely week against Blitzcrank. Be always behind the minions and remember that your Q have priority in champions, so when they are in the range poke them. Save your mana for the W when the carry need a heal. Use flash if Blitz catch you
It's not as bad as people think. Keep bushes warded and only poke while close to minions. Get an early rank into e (Song of Celerity) around level 2 or 3 if healing is needed; to avoid his grab.
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How to counter Sona as Blitzcrank
When Blitzcrank lands that grab on that bodacious Sona she's probably stuck in place and soon to be dead.
Setting aside the fact that a hook in lane means instant death, Blitzcrank does not need support from his lane partner as he can kill Sona by himself.
after lvl 6 go into bush activate W, run to sona and enemy ADC, then use R that they can't use abilites, then e on sona or ADC, they will start run away. grab one of them and he will be killed by your ADC.
Hook her and knock her up and she will die to your ADC. Just play super aggro vs Sona and she will never catch up.
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Getting knocked up by a golem probably wasn't Sona's fantasy
GraniteHope - Posted about Jan 19th, 2016
As a Sona main, I can say that this is the worst matchup. If you so much as go even in the first few levels, any smart Blitz will understand that all he has to do is hit his w and run up into your face and pop you up and hook you upon escape. If the enemy jungler is barreling down on you, you're simply dead if a Blitz does this.

The gameplan against a Blitz is pretty much the same as any other engage support, except for Blitz can chase you down with W, so you can't rely on just being at max Q range and think you'll get by with sneaking poke in. If your lane is pushed in any way, you have to play way back. Against a Blitz, it's very important you focus on minion placement being just out of your tower's range, but to try to not allow the lane to push.

Otherwise, it's just the same as any other engage support. Try to get ahead of them with poke between levels 1-3, keep the pressure on so that, when ults are available, the Blitz won't want to engage because of low health of lane.
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