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How to counter Tristana as Vayne
Using Condemn on Tristana cancels her jump, so if you are on her side and she is prepared to jump, condemning may push her away, but not nearly as far as she would have escaped to if you didn't.
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How to counter Vayne as Tristana
This is actually a lot harder than most people think. The first real advantage you have over Vayne is your range, but you're still more of a glass cannon than she is late game. So the best thing to remember is, out farm. Out farm, out farm. Always.
The range of trist is the best counter to vayne. Also u can outtrade vayne evertime by giving her one AA, an E and go back. But I wouldn't tell u to pick trist, if u arent good with her, or dont play her often.
Start level one. Poke him whenever he tries to get cs AA. You will get more range with level ups, so you will eventually outrange him with both AA+abilities. Try not getting next to walls.
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Not the perfect counter but a decent choice
xZylote - Posted about Jan 9th, 2016
Early on, Tristana has the advantage because of her greater range, in mid-game Vayne is a little bit stronger in teamfights since she can take down tanks with her W. In late-game, it all comes down to the rest of your team since both deal much damage, Vayne will still be better against tanks still and Tristana will be better at taking down Squishies with her 110% AS steroid and her W

I suggest playing safe with Vayne early on since Tristana has very good 1v1 potential with her Q and E, so if there is no gank or a good cc opportunity you should avoid engaging a direct fight. You also have to avoid falling back in lane since Tristana will destroy your turret in seconds and she is not too good at farming under her own one as well so if there are enough wards, try to push

I would actually not recommend to fight Tristana without backup if you don't land your stun or have any other advantages as Vayne because you're not as effective with your botrk and your w since Tristana won't build hp.
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